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Patriot Pro Mustang Showdown

$10,000 In Cash and Prizes

“Patriot/Pro Mustang Showdown”

Supported by the Round Rock Community Foundation, The Mustang Heritage Foundation and The Ride on Center for Kids

Saturday, October 28, 1:30-3 PM

Six experienced horsemen (men or women) will be invited to compete with a Bureau of Land Management, previously wild Mustang of their choice (owned or borrowed). Each horseman will be paired with two Veterans (men or women) from the Ride on Center for Kids “ROCK” Veterans Program. One Veteran will be responsible for Round #1, Grooming/Presentation; the other Veteran will be responsible for Round #2, Riding Trail Pattern; and the Horseman will present Round #3 a Freestyle Performance with music and props. Six, three-member teams will work together and also receive a score on their ability to communicate and support one another. If during competition a Veterans needs support from the Horseman (leading, assisting), the Veteran will not be penalized.

Veteran will be selected through a qualifying competition held at the ROCK facility in October A non-participating, independent panel of judges will invite Veterans for competition.

Saturday, at the Williamson County Fair and Rodeo will include three rounds with scores in each round:

Round 1.Grooming/Presentation Score (Value 20 points)

1.One Veteran will lead Mustang into arena showing connection/communication with the Mustang

2.Horseman may accompany/assist Veteran for no loss of points.

3.Points will be awarded based on the grooming (mane, tail, body, equipment, overall cleanliness) and connection and communication with Mustang.

Round 2.Riding/Leading “Ranch-Like” Trail Course – Obstacles will tell a story of a cowboy finding lost cattle.

(Obstacles. Value 40 points/points per obstacle)

Example: walk-overs, trot-overs, bridge, mailbox, serpentines

1.One Veteran will ride the Mustang through obstacles.

2.Horseman may accompany/assist Veteran through obstacles for no loss of points.

3.Each obstacle will have a point value.

4.Teams will be provided a trail course map and be allowed to practice obstacles prior to event.

Round 3.Freestyle Performance by Horseman/Mustang (Value 40 points)

1.Horsemen will perform a 2.5 minute Freestyle Performance to music. (Horseman provides the music.) Props are allowed with the approval of management.No fireworks, guns or loud noises.Veterans may participate in the performance but may not ride the Mustang.

2.Required maneuvers will be circles, lead changes, all three gaits, spins and stops.Performance will receive a horsemanship score and an artistic score for use of music and props.Additional information will be provided to Horseman prior to competition.

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