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Patriot Pro Mustang Showdown

The Williamson County Fair Association is partnering with the Mustang Heritage Foundation to showcase our local veterans, wild mustangs, and professional horse trainers in the Patriot Pro Mustang Showdown.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation will provide a six-week Veterans Mustang Training Program to six veterans, selected through an application process. Each Veteran will train a wild Mustang provided through the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse and Burro Division at the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s facilities in Williamson County.

Then, six professional horsemen or horsewomen will be invited to train a wild Mustang provided through the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Division. The mustangs that compete in the Patriot Pro Mustang Showdown are virtually untouched by humans prior to the July trainer pick-up. The 120-day competition challenges the trainers to gentle and saddle train wild mustangs and ready them for competition. These professionals will also mentor and work with the veterans.

Each veteran and their mustang will be partnered with a professional horseman or horsewoman prior to October 1, 2021. A three-day clinic, (date to be determined), open to the public, with the veterans, professionals and their mustangs will be held to promote the competition held during the WCFR.

The “Patriot Pro Mustang Showdown” will kick off on Thursday, opening of WCFR with a Freestyle competition. Veterans and professionals will present their mustangs through a freestyle theatrical performance displaying maneuvers with music, costumes and props. Compulsory classes will be held on October 23 in the horse show arena with winners announced October 24 during the rodeo.

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